TEDxChiangMai is an independently organized TEDx event operated under license from TED. TEDxChiangMai is more than an event - it is a platform for ideas worth spreading, a dialogue, a call for action, and a community of people who believe in ideas, creativity, innovation and collaboration. Apart from the annual large creativity and idea forum “TEDxChiangMai”, we also organize smaller events & activities throughout the year.

Why TEDxChiangMai

5 reason why you should attend TEDxChiangMai

Get new ideas, be inspired

Meet with great people

Be part of a global community

Find partners to implement ideas

Have a lot of fun

5 things you did not know about TEDxChiangMai

It is entirely voluntary

80 million viewers

It is non-profit and non commercial

It is global - thousands of events

It is local – we want to change our community

5 benefits of TEDChiangMai for Chiang Mai and Thailand

Invest in the next generation

Provide a platform for ideas

Put Chiang Mai on the map as a creative city

Use the ideas to improve our society

Link with a global community

Our Team

Our team is a group of volunteers that share the idea of supporting ideas worth spreading and wish
to bring a worldclass event to Chiang Mai and Thailand.

The current team members include

Martin Venzky-Stalling

Ketsuphee Pitupan

Ploypilin Kasemsuk

Akira Siriwattananukul

Annette Kunigagon

Anusit Treewicha

HNew Suwanun

Jarunee Suntornnark

Jett Gunther

Jirawan Wongdokmai

Julian Huang

June Unland

Kidd Gunther

Kitti Chaiyaparn

Kompit Panasupon

Kusuma Venzky-Stalling

Melin Chuamanochan

Methee Bangkha

Nat Natnaree

Nisara Wangratanasopon

Oliver Hargreave

Pakping Monthakarn

Piriyapa Putsongkram

Rachata Kraiwong

Shayne Rochfort

Sopha Jo Taton

Suwin Chawla

Thanagrit Boonwong

Visarat Somsap

Witchulada Hanloet

Worachet Potawong

Worapol Borriboonsub

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